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Accompaniment Projects

Christian Mission Hospitals were the pioneers in delivering systemized health care in many parts of the globe. With sincere commitment to serve the community, several hospitals and healthcare projects were established during the pre-independence era. An undeniable fact is that due to the works of these mission hospitals, the country's community health had developed significantly.

However with limited resources and lack of current management concepts the mission hospitals could not sustain in the longer run which resulted in closure of three fourth of the mission hospitals in the past 10 -15 years. Some are still struggling for survival. The rapid growth of the health care sector has created a very competitive environment and demand for quality health systems, and lack of professional management system was the hurdles for mission hospitals sustenance. Since they were struggling, the poor and downtrodden were at stake without accessible, affordable and appropriate health care. One must remember that many hospitals though having all chances of survival were nearing closure due to lack of professional management systems.

Realizing this challenge, JEH acted swiftly in coordination with CBM and made its vision, Creating network of mission hospitals and help attain self sustainability, initiated a professionally designed project called "Accompaniment Project" in the year 2000. JEH made its mission that 1. No eye care center should be deemed as unfit for service delivery due to lack of proper management. 2. Helping mission hospitals by continuous monitoring and support in all aspects of eye care delivery.

This project aims helping sick mission Eye Hospitals in re-engineering their administration and optimum and economic utility of their resources. Though the period of accompaniment with each mission hospitals will be 4 years JEH will support them endlessly through its network. Presently JEH is supporting hospitals in the Southern States of TamilNadu and will expand to others too.

Accompaniment PHASES

Initial Assessment

Signig MoU

Systems and Process design

Continual monitoring and Guidance

Towards self-Sustenance

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