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Tsunami Rehabilitation

As December 26th revealed the vulnerability of life and created perennial damage to our community, but also has provided us an opportunity to demonstrate our concern in solidarity to fellow humans.

JEH in collaboration with CBM, TELC, ALC, UELCI and other agencies, has launched the following short and long range support programs.

Establishment of Temporary Hospitals

Joseph Eye Hospital has worked with the Christian Medical College , Ludhiana and National Lutheran Medical Board, in establishing a 40 bedded hospital at Bishop Peter Teacher Training Institute at Cuddalore, one of the worst affected areas.

The Medical relief camp started on the 7th of January with the medical and paramedical teams have been effectively rendering preventive and curative service to nearly 15000 persons and treated about 170 patients under hospitalisation including 70 orthopedic procedures.

Tranquebar - Nagapattinam

JEH has established another medical camp at Tranquabar which was operated for three months is the post Tsunami period and provided general and eye care treatements to nearly 6000 patients. This camp also conducted free eye screening camps at Tranquebar and at Nagapattinam and referred 250 cataract patients, including children, ti JEH base at Trichy.


The livelihood rehabilitation of the fishermen will be in the form of cooperatives for collective benefits. Preliminary survey in few villages in the coastal area was done and the following villages were selected for the work among fishermen. This work will be carried with help of SIFFS who have immense experience in the field of cooperatives and fishing industry. .

At Kilamovakari

The survey showed that 35 boats were damaged.

* 27 plywood boats and 3 Fiber boats were repaired

* 40 NEW BOATS - Fibre boats worth Rs.1.5 Lakhs and net worth Rs.10,000/- supplied

* 15 Nattuthoni and 15 Catamaran with engines to replace fiber boats.

On March 4th 2005, 15 of the repaired boats were handed over to the fishermen.


13 Country boats were repaired

* 25 country boats were to be replaced

The programme has been running regularly since 1978. This is a voluntary participation scheme and all laboratories are encouraged to participate at a nominal charge. The organizers send one vial of Q.C. sample by post every month to all participants who are coded to disguise their identity. The participating laboratories analyze the parameters indicated in the accompanying report from and report back their result to Vellore within a stipulated time. All result sent by laboratories are statistically analyzed and the laboratories are given their score, the designated values along with the acceptable range of values of each analyte.


The initial survey showed the need for 51 boats to be repaired. The same will be organized shortly. Fishermen society will start functioning by May 2005.

No of boats repaired/ to be repaired in 3 villages = 91

No of new boats as required (approximately) = 100

All the boats will also have engines and nets as a package.

Construction Of Houses

Application has been submitted to the Collectorate of Nagapattinam. All other relevant documentary details are provided herewith. It is proposed to build 200 houses at Poompuhar at the cost of RS. 75,000 each.

Rehabilitation of the disabled

JEH - CBM Tsunami relief work also focuses on the rehabilitation of the disabled. The aim is to provide rehabilitation to the disabled in the coastal villages from Keelamoovarkarai to Poompuhar and also in the adjoining villages.As an initial step in rehabilitation 10 Aids & Appliances, 1 Tricycle, 1 Wheel chair and 2 Sewing machines were distributed during a camp held at Keezhamoovarkarai, Nagapattinam District.

Presently 6 Panchayats of Sirkali Taluk covering 24 villages has been surveyed for identifying persons with disabilities.Total of 243 disabled have been identified in various age group and categories.

In order to have better economic activities; self help groups have been initiated among the women and disabled.

Three SHG among disabled are already launched 1. Keelamovarkarai - Joseph group with 9 members 2. Perunthottam - SHG Everest group with 7 members 3. Makkarkuppam - SHG A.T. group with 8 members 4. Women's group - K.M.K - Roja with 15 members

pscho-social counseling and support

A large scale counseling training progaram was organized at Cuddalore to train Community Health Workers. 6 master trainers have been trained in psychosocial counseling to prevent mental disorders and other psychiatric problem. School teachers, village leaders and youth will be given training to provide counseling to the affected population.

Rehabilitation Activities

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